Dental Implants in Mount Vernon

Permanently Replace Missing Teeth

If you’re missing even a single permanent tooth, this can lead to more oral health complications and can also negatively affect your emotional well-being. Dr. Perry offers natural-looking, durable dental implants in Mount Vernon to replace your teeth and give you your smile back.

With our advanced technology, we can handle every aspect of your implant treatment so you won’t have to travel to multiple dental offices or see different specialists while you restore your smile. Call today to schedule an implant consultation and start your journey to a complete, healthy smile.

Who Does Dental Implants in Mount Vernon, WA?

Dr. Blake Perry is a skilled dental implant dentist at Perry Family Dentistry. We are the dentist office that patients trust when they need a dental implant procedure.

The Whole Implant Process, Under One Roof

We offer both dental implant placements and restorations at Perry Family Dentistry. From your initial consultation to implant placement surgery, post-operative checkups, and the placement of your dental crown or other dental restoration, we do it all. If you choose Dr. Perry for implants, you won’t have to deal with multiple oral surgeons or dentists in Mount Vernon. This saves you both time and money.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Your Mount Vernon dentist, Dr. Perry, uses high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime! Keep brushing and flossing as normal, and be careful to avoid hard or sticky foods that can damage both your replacement teeth and your natural teeth.

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Unique Benefits of Dental Implants

Prevent Jaw Bone Loss‍

Dental implants prevent bone resorption after tooth loss. Even if you are only missing one permanent tooth, bone loss will likely occur because the root of the tooth is no longer transmitting the force from biting and chewing into the jawbone.

Dental implants prevent this. The implant functions as an artificial root to replace your missing tooth, and it sends the pressure and force of chewing and biting into the jawbone. This pressure stimulates the bone to strengthen it and prevent jawbone loss.

Permanent & Durable‍

Dental implants are, for all intents and purposes, permanent. Implants usually last 25+ years, and most patients will keep their implants for the rest of their lives. They are also extremely durable, so your smile will look great for years to come.

Stability & Confidence

A single tooth implant replacement will look and feel just like your natural teeth! Also, unlike traditional dentures, an implant-supported restoration will never slip, move, or shift while you eat, speak, or smile. Implants can provide you with a level of stability and confidence that you simply cannot get with a traditional denture.

Natural & Healthy

Dental implants—especially single tooth implant restorations—are great for your oral health. Single tooth restorations will positively support your jawbone in the gap of your missing smile without negatively affecting surrounding teeth. Compare that to dental bridges which rely on the support of your surrounding natural teeth and can wear them down in the process of restoring your missing tooth. Single tooth implants support themselves and your jawbone for a natural feeling beautifully full smile.

How Does the Dental Implants Procedure Work?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry. We can talk to you about any questions you have, including the following:

Do I need a bone graft for my dental implant? Many patients will not need a bone graft—especially for a single tooth replacement. However, if your jaw has already been affected by significant tooth and bone loss, you may need a bone graft to strengthen the jawbone.

Are dental implants painful? The implants are not painful. Some patients may feel mild discomfort post surgery, but that will fade with time. We also offer assistance to help ease any discomfort you may have.

Are dental implants safe? Dental implants have been around for more than 60 years! In the last few decades implants have advanced significantly—and they are not only effective, but safe, too. Implant-supported teeth stand on their own without wearing down your other natural teeth, like some single tooth restorations can do.

What Types of Dental Implants Do You Offer?

We focus mostly on single tooth implant restorations here at Perry Family Dentistry. However, you can also ask us about All-on-4® Treatment Concept dental implants, mini dental implants, dental implant dentures, or dental implant bridges. Our most popular options are described below:

Single Tooth Implants

Single tooth implant restorations are what we do best at Perry Family Dentistry. As the name suggests, a single-tooth implant consists of one dental implant and a single dental crown. The implant is placed directly into your gums and jaw, functioning as an artificial tooth root. Once the implant heals, the crown is permanently attached to replace your missing tooth.

This is a great solution that bolsters the health of your jawbone and completes a smile without wearing down your neighboring teeth for support.

Full Arch Implants

Full-arch implants, such as the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, are also available at our office. In this procedure, a series of 4–6 implants are used to replace the upper, lower, or both arches of teeth. After the implants are placed into your gums and they heal, a set of removable or permanent dentures can be attached to them, restoring your smile.

Dental Implant Bridge

A dental implant bridge is designed to work like a traditional bridge, using several crowns and replacement teeth attached together to replace multiple teeth in a single gap. An implant bridge is permanent and is often attached to two abutment posts rather than your natural teeth.

If you are missing 2–3 teeth in a row, this allows us to place just one or two implants while restoring multiple teeth, rather than needing individual implants for each tooth.

Dental Bridge vs. Implant Bridge at Your Mount Vernon Dentist

A traditional dental bridge can replace up to three teeth at a time; however they are attached to the teeth on either side of your smile gap. These anchoring teeth generally need crowns to strengthen them enough to hold the bridge in place, so the bridge would be 5–6 pieces all together.

A dental implant bridge can use 1–2 dental implants as anchors instead, which means only the crowns to replace the missing teeth are needed. The implant bridge also lasts longer, feels more natural, and is more permanent.

Common Questions About Dental Implants in Mount Vernon, WA

When you contact our office at Perry Family Dentistry, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about how your smile could benefit from dental implants. We’ve answered some of our more popular questions in this section.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost Near Me?

The total price of dental implants depends on your specific situation. Some of the factors that impact dental implants cost include:

  • How many teeth are being replaced.
  • The density of your jawbone, and whether you need a bone graft.
  • What type of dental implants you choose.
  • Other oral health factors that might impact your surgery.

After you visit our office for a dental implants consultation, we’ll be better able to understand your situation and give you a price estimate. In general, a single tooth implant replacement will cost less than a full set of implant-supported dentures. We’ll do our best to find the option that will work for you.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Your dental implants cost is also affected by your dental insurance. Dental implant insurance varies from company to company, and you may want to research the best dental insurance for implants. The cost of full mouth dental implants will differ from the All-on-4® Treatment Concept dental implants cost.

However, many of our patients view the cost of dental implants as an investment in their smiles and in their futures. Implants can last more than 30 years if you take good care of your teeth!

We also offer payment plans and payment options for affordable dental implants.

Help! My Implant Is Broken!

Don’t panic! In most cases, the dental implant itself is not broken. However, the “abutment”—the attachment which holds your implant-supported restoration—may be broken or loose, or the restoration itself (such as the dental crown for your single tooth replacement) may be broken.

These issues can typically be fixed quite easily, without any need to replace the implant itself. To find out whether or not your implant is broken and to have it restored, schedule a consultation at Perry Family Dentistry right away.

Dr. Perry’s Implant Expertise

Dr. Perry has been providing excellent care and successful implant treatment at Perry Family Dentistry for more than a decade. Dr. Perry has undergone specialized training in oral surgeries including implant placement, bone grafting, and tooth extractions.

Not only that, but at our office, we use the latest technology and techniques to deliver long-lasting dental implants and achieve the highest possible levels of patient care. Schedule an appointment today to learn more and see why we’re the best choice for implants in Mount Vernon.

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When you’re ready to take the next step in implant dentistry, give our office a call. Perry Family Dentistry is your go-to dentist in Mount Vernon, WA!

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