Fixed Implant Bridges

Missing one tooth is embarrassing. Missing multiple teeth can make life downright difficult. But don’t worry—there is a way to fix the problem. You can have a full mouth of teeth again with fixed implant bridges! If you decide this solution is right for you, you can be eating all your favorite foods again in just a few short months. 

Bridging the Gap With Fixed Implant Bridges

The main purpose of dental bridges is to take the place of one or more missing teeth in the same gap. All your new replacement crowns in the bridges will function just like normal teeth, but there are multiple kinds of bridges that are held in place in a couple of different ways. 

  • Traditional Bridge: Using the two teeth on either side of the gap as supports or abutments, our dentist will place the bridge. A crown will be attached to your abutment teeth to hold the bridge firmly in place.
  • Fixed Implant Bridge: These bridges are supported by surgically placed prosthetic roots. A small piece of metal is screwed into the jawbone, leaving only the head of the post exposed. The implants snap onto these implants for a more permanent fix. 

Here at Perry Family Dentistry, we’re proud to provide fixed implant bridges to our patients in need of a tooth replacement. 

What Is a Fixed Implant Bridge?

While traditional bridges are supported by crowns on either side of your missing tooth gap, a fixed implant bridge is supported by dental implants placed in your jawbone. These metal posts are made out of strong titanium that is biocompatible. By screwing into the jawbone, they provide a sturdy foundation for your bridges, and they stimulate your jawbone just like the roots of your teeth would.

After the implant is placed, a tiny, round piece of metal is attached to the top. This is called an abutment. Abutments are the connectors between the implant and restoration that will hold your bridge in place. Now you can eat whatever you want, and your bridge will hold up almost as well as natural teeth!

Benefits of Implant-supported Bridges

The point of a dental bridge is to provide you with a set of replacement teeth. All types of bridges perform this function, but fixed implant bridges do it better than most. Here’s a list of advantages offered by fixed implant-supported bridges:

  • Permanence: The implants are screwed into the jaw before the bridge is attached. That bridge isn’t going anywhere until your dentist removes it. 
  • Strength: Other types of bridges can’t take certain foods and lots of use because they don’t have a strong implant support system.
  • Less Risk: When your real teeth are used as supports for bridges, general use can cause damage to your teeth. Implant bridges don’t put extra stress on permanent teeth.
  • Jaw Stimulation: The jawbone requires constant stimulation from the roots of your teeth. Implants act as the root to keep your jaw strong and healthy. 

If you have one or multiple missing teeth, fixed implant bridges could be right for you! If you’re interested, feel free to ask us any other questions you have. It’s important to us that you have the information you need to make an informed choice about your dental care. 

Fixed Implant Bridges at Perry Family Dentistry

Our dental office is anxious to help you get your mouth back to working order. We sympathize with the inconvenience of missing teeth, and can’t wait to get you your own set of implant-supported bridges. 

We’re always happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today!

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